Plank Grabber (Plank Grabber)

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Product Features

{Works on textured Floors} Plank Grabber’s Patent Pending floor gap fixer tool is suited for both smooth or textured floating floorboards, (not glued or nailed). For a permanent fix use Floor-Fix Pro adhesive before closing the gaps. {Features Nano-Suction Magic Grip Strip} Plank Grabber adheres wood planks, both smooth and textured without leaving a sticky residue. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth after use and then use the provided cover plate to store. {Fix Short and Long Edge Gaps} Plank Grabber floor gap fixer for laminate can be used to fix gaps in both the short edge or the long edge. A pull bar must be used for long-edge repairs Comfortable Handle For Laying Floors} Plank Grabber can be used to lay planks against walls. It works especially well for Tongue and Groove floors Made from Premium.6060 Anodised Aluminium