Rubber Stair Treads Non-Slip Outdoor 48”x10” (5-Pack) – Anti-Slip Step Mat

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Product Features

PREVENT STAIRWAY FALLS with our 9.9 inch x 48 inch nonslip rubber treads made for outside and indoor stairs COVER LARGER AREA: Reduce slippery areas and increase safety by covering a larger stair surface with 48 inch wide no-slip rubber stair treads for stairs PROTECT YOUR LOVED ONES: Elders, children, babies, animals, pets, dogs, puppies, cats MULTI SURFACE COMPATIBILITY: Increases traction and grip on steps and floors made of: hardwood, wood, concrete, marble, tile, vinyl, metal, laminate; we recommend securing the treads with nails or metal staples (not included) SAFETY ALL YEAR ROUND: The rubber stair treads are durable in both harsh winter conditions and hot summer temperatures; Rubber is much better at adapting to different temperatures compared to PVC plastic or anti-slip tape