WalDecoo Grey Peel and Stick Trim, 10 Ft Flexible Trim Caulk Strip for Wall, Ceiling, Cabinate, Countertop, Floor Edges and Corners (Stronger Upgrade Adhesive)

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Product Features

??Premium Material??The wall molding trim for peel and stick backsplash tile is made of high-quality PVC, this peel and stick trim is 10 feet in length, with high flexibility, waterproof and dustproof, its special lightweight design makes it not easy to fall off, Great for prolonged use. ??Strong Functionality??Grey Peel and stick trim for backsplash tile edge can cover the crevices, corners and edges. Prevent dirt build-up, avoid looking dirty and hard to clean, and always stay clean and tidy. Not only is it non-toxic and odorless, but also has super strong adhesion, No additional glue or tools required. ??Quick Installation??Self-adhesive trimming design and strong self-adhesive, can be cut into different sizes and angles with a utility knife or scissors according to actual needs to match the corners, then tear off the red adhesive and press hard to complete the installation. ??DIY Trim?: The tile edge trim is a great help for quick DIY home improvement projects. Perfect for decorating bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and more. Add more beauty to your cozy home with this beautiful peel and stick trim. ??Widely Used?: The caulk strip can effectively cover wall corner stress cracks and sloppy paint mishaps, avoid dirty looking, always keep clean and tidy, widely used in kitchen and bathroom backsplash, ceiling tiles, cabinets, walls, windows and door frames.